Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Water - Flooded Basement

SERVPRO of Bemidji, Grand Rapids & Hibbing jumped into HERO READY mode when one of our previous clients called us with storm damage in there basement. The ... READ MORE

Storm Water Back-Up

SERVPRO of Bemidji, Grand Rapids & Hibbing was called in for a local company basement that was flooded due to storm water. The first picture shows the amou... READ MORE

Gone for a Wedding

This was a long day for this customer. They had just returned home from a wedding a joyous occasion to a complete nightmare. The supply line to the bathroom f... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

During the storms going through the area we also received a call for a broken water heater pipe. This pipe had burst and had been running for approx. 2 days. Th... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Hibbing, MN

Due to the heavy down pour of rain water this basement flooded. If you notice the darkening on the carpet you can see the damage the water created. Due to the c... READ MORE

Hibbing Storm Event

This flooded basement in Hibbing, MN was the result of the city sewer not unable to keep up with the amount of storm water. The result is shown in the before p... READ MORE

Basement Mold Remediation

The before photo depicts the mold SERVPRO of Bemidji, Grand Rapids & Hibbing discovered after responding to a water loss that had sat for a period. which cr... READ MORE

Hotel Drug Clean Up

The before photo shows a hotel room that was involved in an incident with fentanyl. Unfortunately, in situations like this everything must be treated as if it h... READ MORE

Manufactured Home

Water losses can be devastating and tricky to deal with! Thankfully the experts at SERVPRO of Bemidji, Grand Rapids & Hibbing are here to help. The before p... READ MORE

smoke loss

Fire and smoke losses can cause extensive damage to the entire surcture. The damage comes mainly from the smoke leaving soot all over the walls, doors, ceilings... READ MORE