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Moisture Readings

A moisture meter is used to detect the level of moisture after flooding or other types of water damage occur. One of the types we use, is the invasive pin-type ... READ MORE

Lawnmower Fire

Have you ever had your lawnmower start on fire in the garage? It does happen! You are not alone, and you don’t have to go through it alone! SERVPRO will c... READ MORE

Be Prepared for Strong Winds/Tornadoes

Be prepared for strong winds and tornadoes by determining a safe room in your home to take shelter. Stay away from windows due to flying debris or uprooted tree... READ MORE

Be Covid Prepared

Are you planning to open your business back up? Have your employees and customers feeling more secure by having SERVPRO perform a proactive cleaning before you ... READ MORE

Be Fire Prepared

Having a plan can be the matter of life and death in a fire. Here are some of the steps you could take to make your fire safety plan. Install smoke alarms on ev... READ MORE

Be Storm Prepared

September is National preparedness month. Being prepared can reduce damages done by storms or other disasters. At first warning or sign that a storm is coming, ... READ MORE

Be Prepared

Disaster Readiness, Response and Recovery Accidents happen everyday and if you are not prepared for it, accidents can turn into disasters. If you have a plan ma... READ MORE

Sewer Backup

Sewage backups can cause a lot of damages to your home or business. They are caused by blockages in the drain pipes or the main sewer line. Blockages can come f... READ MORE

Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Hibbing and Warba areas

There are different types of mold growth that can attack your home or business. The extent of damage can vary from a very small area to the whole house and its ... READ MORE

Manufactured home

Water losses can be devastating and tricky to deal with! Thankfully the experts at SERVPRO of Aitkin, Carlton and West St. Louis Counties are here to help. The ... READ MORE